Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

IMG_5549No shame in admitting that 90% of the time I am team sweets for breakfast. But everyone in awhile I decide to switch it up & go savory. Been having this smoked salmon breakfast SO often lately & i’m loving it! I’ve been loving trying new foods/recipes lately & I think this one is here to stay.

I’ve posted it on my instagram quite a few times recently and thought i’d write a blog post about it to give y’all more information and detail on it!

A lot of people ask where I get my smoked salmon and the only two places i’ve gotten it so far is Walmart & Aldi. Honestly both have been very good but definitely going to see what Costco or some other stores have in the future!

Smoked salmon has great protein and I always love starting with a protein packed breakfast to keep me full during the morning hours!

TO make this delicious bowl:

  1. I always start with a bed of arugula/spinach mix- never a bad idea to get those greens in early in the day!
  2. Pick your carb source – I’m obsessed with Healthy Life Multi-grain english muffins! Great source of complex carbs & fiber to add to my meal. I’ve also had it on Ezekiel toast which is another great option.
  3. I recently picked up some Daiya Dairy Free Onion & Chive cream cheese to put on the english muffin as well & i’ve been loving it! I’ve also used Laughing Cow cheese wedges in the past- tastes great as well!
  4. EGGS- i’m team running yolk all the way! With this breakfast I truly think runny yolk is key in making this bowl so delicious! I fry two over easy or sunny side up eggs and sprinkle some pepper & Himalayan sea salt for a little more flavor!
  5. Sometimes I’ll add roasted broccoli if I already have some made but it’s not necessary- but once again some extra greens to your breakfast is never a bad idea.

My favorite meals are ones filled with protein, complex carbs & healthy fats and this breakfasts got it all.

Protein – Smoked Salmon & Eggs

Carbs- English Muffin

Healthy Fats- Egg Yolk


Give this breakfast a try when you’re in the mood for savory & tag me on Instagram at @healthyeatswithallie so I can see your wonderful foods! 🙂


This is the smoked salmon from Walmart that I get!


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