Paleo Sweet Potato Waffles

Fall is here which mean sweet potato everything! Although sweet potatoes are the best anytime of the year something about fall just makes them even better.  I’m a huge fan of baked, roasted, sautéed…all forms of sweet potato you can think of. And then I decided to try something new….a sweet potato waffle!

I promise ya… won’t disappoint! You could take this recipe a sweet or savory route but I decided on the savory because I’ve been digging’ savory breakfasts lately!

Believe it or not these waffles are only THREE ingredients too….so simple and healthy!


  • 1 peeled & grated sweet potato
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • one egg


  1. Peel and grade sweet potato. Then take a towel and get the excess water out of the grated potato!
  2. Mix ingredients into a bowl.
  3. Heat waffle iron and spray generously with non-stick spray. (it can easily stick if not enough)
  4. Scoop and lightly pack sweet potato mixture onto waffle iron!
  5. Close and cook for 5-8 minutes or until waffle edges being to turn golden brown!
  6. Remove waffle and serve with desired toppings!


I served mine with a little mashed avocado and an over easy egg over a bed of spinach/arugula!

You could easily top this with fruit and nuts plus some honey or maple syrup if you’re craving something sweet!



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